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Company Overview

Innovation and Integration for Low Carbon Solutions

For over a decade, Armstrong has focused a large proportion of its investment specifically on research and development of low carbon technologies. This concentration of effort has enabled Lambarts to bring to the customer a suite of technically-advanced solutions which lower the carbon footprint of buildings at no extra cost.

Armstrong’s low carbon solutions are characterised by the following advantages:

1. Flexibility to adapt to changing building loads without ‘over-sizing’ and/or loss of energy efficiency performance.  Design Envelope is a sustainable design practice underpinning all ECO:nomics solutions, which reduces levels of risk for project specifiers and building occupiers. It harnesses the power of advanced control technology to enable HVAC systems to respond to the challenges of climatic variability and changing building use without compromising energy efficiency. This provides an effective alternative to traditional practices such as ‘over-sizing’ which are known to have repercussions of wasted energy and unnecessary carbon emissions.

2. Unprecedented energy efficiency at part load Variable speed and variable load solutions bring unrivalled levels of performance across a building’s full range of environmental conditions.

3. Integrated control for best possible performance at all times Recognising that world-leading energy efficiency performance can only be achieved by whole system control, our solutions use innovative control methodologies which enable demand to be balanced across the component parts of the system for the best wire-to-water efficiency at all times. Each component of the system is operated automatically to exploit its energy efficiency potential to the full. Developed ahead of the Energy Using Products Directive, our integrated control has provided a timely and cost-effective solution for specifiers needing to satisfy these European regulatory requirements.

4. Expert technical input Design Assist is an added value service offered by Armstrong which provides specifiers and stakeholders with detailed energy calculations to forecast energy consumption and determine the system payback period.  Alternative system designs can be explored thoroughly and compared prior to any project, and competitive leasing options can offer new opportunities to achieve sustainability objectives.  5. Integration of renewable energy sources without expensive customisation

Armstrong is successfully combining low carbon solutions such as solar thermal, heat pumps, biomass boilers and condensing boilers with proven mainstream HVAC solutions to achieve outstanding environmental performance without any need for untried, untested and difficult to maintain non-standard equipment and system choices.


We Offer

  •  Flexibility to adapt to changing building loads.
  • Unprecedented energy efficiency.
  • Integrated control for best possible performance.
  • Expert technical input Design.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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